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Timothy Raputa uploaded a file. Greetings Friends! June 13, 2012 marked the second Commencement Exercise for Moch Community High School. The following is the transcript of the keynote address as delivered by former and first Principal of Moch Community High School, Mr. Akapio Raymon.
Moch local information and maps. Moch is a island in Micronesia, Federated States of (general), Micronesia, Oceania The first island to fall under the spell of Catholicism was Moch, an island that the German priests had visited without success. Led by the island chief Tameri, some Moch

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Mochese Flag with 3 stars,21 stars, 5 star, moon and canoe. Kapwong Ngeni Kemi meineken chon on fonuach moch seni ekewe re-lomw tori kich mi mamarita lon nomun Pukial lagoon, Tong Me Kinamwei epwe Ngeni Kemi Meinisin. Moch Island,
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Moch Local information and maps.Moch is a island in Micronesia, Federated States of (general), Micronesia, Oceania. The first island to fall under the spell of Catholicsm was Moch, and island that the German priests had visited without success. Led by the island chief Tameri, Some Moch.

*Saint Ignacio Loyola Church: Year 1948,July August, Bishop Events (Catholic-Hierarchy)
Born, Amando Samo, Moch island, Bishop of Caroline Islands, Federated States of Micronesia, Pacific (Oceania). 17 Aug. 59.6 Born, Patrick James Zurek.

*Father Adalbert Umwech: He was born on Aug 20,1955. His educational background: Moch Elementary. Satowan Junior High School. Chuuk High School. MOC Palau, University of Guam. Pacific Regional Seminary. Fordham Graduate School, New York. Next year, Fall Semester will begin in graduate school at Fordham University -major Conuseling and Personnel services, Graduate School of Education. You can reach Father over the phone/[email protected] [email protected]  Phone #:679.835.4026
Moch / Moch, Micronesia, Federated States of      (general), Micronesia ..
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. Ach kapwongfengen nganikemi monson! Osemochen, pwe opwe urangani ekkewe
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Bishop Amando Samo [Catholic-Hierarchy]

Born, Moch Island. 10 Dec 1977, 29.3, Ordained Priest, Priest of Carolines-High surf surged across several islands in Chuuk State in the Federated States of Micronesia earlier this week, destroying homes, flooding crops and injuring.

. Year 1948, July-August, Bishop Events [Catholic-Hierarchy]

Born, Amando Samo, Moch Island, Bishop of Caroline Islands, Federated States of Micronesia, Pacific (Oceania) · 17 Aug. 59.6. Born, Patrick James Zure

Elementary School, serving a small island in the Mortlocks, has been one of the bright spots in Chuuk's education picture for the past several years. ...

 Research Seminar Series Abstracts - JCU

Oct 27, 2010 ... This paper discusses results of a recent study on responses to climate change discourse on Moch Island, a coral atoll in the Mortlock ...

length 5.0 cm) in captivity on Moch Island,. Satawan Atoll, during mid-July 2003 and was told that members of a resident family of is- ...
by JH Brandt - 1962 - Of 118 nests examined, only in one instance was a set of two eggs found. This was on Fana Moch Island, Truk, on February 24, 1959. Both eggs were fresh and


Brenda Mwarike, she's one of our nun from Moch Island. She was born and raised from the lovely and suportively family. She has confident in herself to accomplish something important in her life.She was one of our youth member, when she was growing up.She's lovely and caring person. She continue her education, started in Moch Elementary School. And she moved to another stage to attend the Junior High on Satawan Island. She had finished her two years term on
Satawan Island and she moved to Weno. She continue her education in Chuuk High School. After two (2) years, she graduated from Chuuk High School, and attending the College Of Micronesia. Then, she moved to Norther Marianas College to continue. (Saipan). She became successful in her goal. Future is bright as always. In 2004-07, she was studying theology in Philipines. In 2007, she came to Guam to taking some courses for " Education: Early Childhood" and a part time teacher at Pre-School. I encourage everyone to have a big heart to accomplish your/my goal. Let's remeber our Bishow, Priests, Nun, Leader from the youth included all of us in our prayers

Participants and organizers of the Camp Boys to Men held on June 16 to 19 pose for a group photo after the event. Twenty-two eight graders from the islands of Satawan, Kuttu, Tu, and Moch participated in the camp which focused on the importance of attending high school and related study skills; abstinence and HIV/AIDS education and healthy relationships and substance abuse and mental health awarenessTwenty-two male eight graders from four different islands of the Satawan Atoll-Satawan, Kuttu, Ta, and Moch-participated in the first ever Camp Boys to Men held from June 16 to 19 on Moch Island in the Mortlocks region of Chuuk State of the Federated States of Micronesia.
The camp focused on the importance of attending high school and related study skills; abstinence and HIV/AIDS education and healthy relationships; and substance abuse and mental health awareness.
four-day camp was a project spearheaded by Alex Plum, a Peace Corps volunteer in Micronesia, to reach out and address the issues and challenges facing young men as they grow up. The camp was co-facilitated by fellow volunteers Trevor Ramsey-Macomber, and Dan Lebiednik along with four other camp counselors
Camp Boys to Men was made possible through a grant from the Direct Aid Program of the Australian government. Through the grant, the Peace Corps volunteers were able to provide educational supplies, recreational materials, transportation, food, and honorariums for the participants and camp workers.The boys participated in learner-centered workshops that discussed the three topics. Team-building activities such as volleyball, soccer, and capture the flag were also conducted after the group morning sessions.In their free time, participants were able to interact with one another by playing chess, card games, swimming, and by simply hanging out with one another.
Lebiednik, one of the Peace Corps Volunteers, said they realized the camp was a new concept for the community.
?Learner-focused discussions, youth involvement, and opportunities for their own leadership just haven't been presented to them before. So it was huge that they could take the next step in their maturity,? he added.
Ramsey-Macomber believes the camp was a success because of the new friendships that were formed during the camp.
Participants were each given a shirt at the end of the camp.
Plum recognized the municipal government of Moch Island and the Moch school community for their willingness to host the camp ?and get these young men of the Mortlocks off on a good foot.?

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 associations being placed on moch island,,we are here Study on island website send email more half-hour boat a see mwddch,a photo essay on this island in ...

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outer islands (Moch Island in the Motlock group), introduced us to several men, ... A Photo Essay on a Pilot Study Conducted on Moch Island, ...

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Best regard. MCA Lien_Pukial MOCH CALIFORNIA ASSOCIATIONS 2010 | Facebook. ... Lienpukia Moch Island joined Facebook. There are no more posts to show.


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Outer islands of Onoun, Moch, Udot and Satawan: electrification of schools and health centres by solar PV systems and mini-grids ..

Status of Citizens of the Freely Associated States of the FSM and the RMI vis-a-vis the U.S. Immigration and Employment Authorization as of February 2008

High surf pounds Chuuk by Steve Limtiaco. HAGÅTÑA ... The island of Moch, in the Mortlocks, appears to have suffered ... people were evacuated to school classrooms and other

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